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Sprinkler Blowout / Irrigation Winterize

Now that it’s finally starting to cool down, it’s time to start thinking about getting your lawn ready for fall and winter.  The one thing absolutely vital to all homeowners who have an underground sprinkler system is blowing the lines out.  If you do not do this, water sits in the lines and when winter comes it will freeze.  If you have water left in your irrigation system, you are taking a huge risk.  That water will freeze, and as everybody knows, frozen water expands.  When the water expands, it can break your lines and leave your sprinkler system useless.

Four Seasons Outdoor Services offers sprinkler blowouts at a very competitive rate.  Rates are based on the number of zones you have, so submit an estimate request or call us in the office and we can give you a quote.  651-768-0833.

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