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Woodbury MN Sprinkler Blowout

Woodbury MN Sprinkler Blow out

Toward the end of September is a good time to start thinking about calling an irrigation company to make sure you are on their schedule for a Woodbury MN sprinkler blow out. A good rule of thumb is you want it winterized before the first hard frost; or to have it done mid to late October at the very latest.

Once we are out there, the first thing we do is find the controller box, put it on manual operation, then go out in the yard and see if the sprinkler system turns on. It shouldn’t because the water should be turned of (most of the time from the basement) and there would be no water pressure to push the sprinkler heads up.

Once we know the water is off, we can now go to the back flow. (In most cases the copper pipe on the side your house).  We unscrew the cap so we can connect the air hose to the back flow. That is the line that pushes the air from the compressor through the sprinkler system.  This is how you start a Woodbury MN sprinkler blow out.

Once every thing is hooked up right, we make sure at least one irrigation zone is open either manually by opening it with a solenoid, or check to make sure the controller is set correctly. We then turn the air compressor on and you should start seeing and hearing water at first and then mostly warm air hitting the cold air creating steam coming out of the heads.  Once there is nothing but air coming out we would go to the next zone and so on just like you when manually watering your grass. Then, when we are done going through them all, we hit all of them one last time for a quick check just to make sure we didn’t miss any.

When we are done we turn the irrigation controller to off and leave it plugged in. we then go out side unhook the air hose and tape the cap to the copper back flow, leaving the pipe open so it cant fill up with water or condensation.  This leaves your system ready for a Woodbury MN Sprinkler start up in the spring.


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