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Woodbury MN

For more information about Woodbury MN visit the City of Woodbury or  Woodbury Days website.

Tamarak shopping mall and Woodbury Lakes are main shopping centers of Woodbury MN.

South Washington County District 833 is the school district.

Popular churches in Woodbury MN include Eagle Brook Church, Five Oaks Church, Crossroads Church, and St. Ambrose,

The Mayor is Mary Giuliani Stephens.  For more information on the mayor and city council members, please visit: Woodbury’s Mayor and City Council Members.

Here is a list of services we provide in Woodbury,MN:

Woodbury is a great community with a large diversity of residents.  Anybody from a blue-collar worker to a doctor can call Woodbury “home.”  There are multiple shopping centers around and a lot of restaurants.  Woodbury, MN is a great town for families.  There are many public and private preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools available as well as a large library and park system.

Woodbury Patch is a great website for residents to stay up to date of what is going on in and around their city.

WoodburyMN 300x119 Woodbury MN

Woodbury has many activities for kids and adults of all ages.  They offer a great ECFE program for young children and they also offer a large array of community education classes for residents of all ages.  Class offerings include anything from assistance preparing taxes to yoga to red cross CPR classes to babysitting safety to gardening to a plethora of art classes.

Woodbury kids especially enjoy what is known as “Central Park.”  This indoor park is attached to the YMCA and includes the library, and indoor amphitheater, meeting rooms, indoor/outdoor water falls and trees, and most importantly, Look Out Ridge.  Look Out Ridge is an indoor playground with tubes, nets, balls, and slides for the younger residents of Woodbury MN.

Woodbury, MN Weather:

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